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yo yo.
yo yo.
This is the lnc anon for B2ST's Yoseob~
Don't hesitate to drop me a message.

this blog will have 18+ posts, so deal with it bro ;D <3

orientation: bi
r/s: sexy free and single~


goodnighteu everyone :3 

night mysteryanon <3 new buddy.

bye yeom keybumanon, ilu and your cake ಠ   3 ಠ

bye bye hyunseung-lnc, mian for leaving now when we just started talking OTL

and bye, coke monster XD

i shall share le bread later

under: #tralalal #bye XD

  1. super-mystery said: Goodnight! You can call me Mystie too! :3
  2. fuschiacarrots said: bye bye yangyo
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